January 2020: Feature in Focus – Discounts

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January 2020: Feature in Focus – Discounts

Discounts are powerful tools for clubs and schools to use, and also the topic of this month’s feature in focus.  Magicbooking gives you the ability to set and apply discounts with little effort.  There are several ways in which you can use discounts to your advantage to increase your revenue and bookings.  When parents book, discounts are automatically applied.

Sibling Discounts

Sibling Discounts allow you to encourage whole families to attend your services.  You can apply these in any way you like, such as the last child goes free for example.  Not all clubs or schools give these discounts, but they can prove useful from a business perspective.  Several children attending your activities, each with a discount is worth more to you than one without discount.  We’ve put together a spreadsheet with some models of sibling discounts you could offer.

Feel free to download it and input your prices and see how different types could work in your setting.  You can download it for free by inputting your email in the box below.  This will also sign you up to our newsletter, you may unsubscribe at any time.  Magicbooking gives you complete control over sibling discounts and you can apply them to only specific activities.   You can set percentages at exactly the right amount for your organisation.

Promo Codes

Promo Codes can be used to encourage bookings by offering discounts for people who use a code that you set.  This allows you to use your mailing lists and marketing channels to get more bookings.  Some clubs also use these to encourage parents to book their child for a taster session, offering a free session or a significant discount.  You can set promo codes to any word that you choose, and these can be added after the activity has gone live.  For example, clubs can encourage sign-ups to an activity if take up hasn’t been what was expected.  Promo codes are a powerful tool to have in case other marketing efforts for your activities fail, and this is one of the ways that magicbooking can help boost your revenue.


Groups are a feature that allows you to apply different prices to different types of parents when they book.  This is a tool that clubs and schools use to apply their pupil premium, for example, giving children the discounts they are entitled to with no extra work.  This is also useful as a tool for keeping your staff happy and motivated.  This can allow you to give staff discounts, or to allow their children to go free.  The benefit of using groups is that it allows you to set up what discounts you want to be applied once, and then not need to keep re-applying them again and again.  When the parents in those groups go and book, their discount will be automatically applied so long as they are in the correct group.

Weekly Discount

Weekly discounts are a tool that you can use to encourage parents to book on to many weeks of activities at one time.  This is an optional feature that means that parents will have to purchase more of your services at once.  You can ensure that you get access to more of the money for those activities quickly, instead of having to wait until later.  You can use this to make sure a child who comes to a first session then becomes a regular visitor, rather than dropping off.  A parent who has booked and paid for several sessions will be more likely to bring their child than a parent who has only booked and paid for one session.  This is just one of the many ways that magicbooking helps get the money from your services into your hands more quickly.  We’ve discussed additional ways here.

Many schools and clubs use magicbooking to control their finances, such as with discounts.  To see what else the system is capable of, book a free demo using the tool below.