After School Club Themes: How to come up with ideas

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After School Club Themes: How to come up with ideas

After school club themes are very important.  A good theme can make or break a club because if your children like a theme, they will want to come back again and again.  If your children are happy with your service then your parents are more likely to bring them back.  This also makes choosing a theme (or themes) very stressful, not least because they have to be updated regularly.  We put together this short guide of some things to think about when coming up with your themes.  You may not need to do all of these, but they could give you ideas for where to get ideas, so to speak.  This best practice guide was produced in conjunction with Energy Kidz, who have to come up with hundreds of themes and ideas every month for all of their nearly 125 clubs.

Listen To Your Children

The easiest way to get ideas for what your children would enjoy is to listen to them.  What pop culture references do they make? What superheroes do they like? What’s their favourite sport? Keep a note of these things on your phone and ask your staff to keep an ear out too.  When it comes to changing your themes, take a read through and see what you can spot.  Odds on if you note several children talking about The Avengers, then many will probably enjoy a superhero theme.


So you’ve come up with several ideas for themes, and you can’t decide which ones your children would like best.  Why not ask them? Hold a survey and present them a few options.  It’s important to be careful with this however, you don’t want your children getting bullied into choosing something they don’t like.  Some form of a secret ballot may be necessary to avoid this and encourage honest answers.

Research pop culture

Do you know your Fortnite from your Fifa? If not, then it might be a good idea to hop on google and take a look at what the kids are up to these days.  This can be an endless source of inspiration, but also a dangerous one so use caution.  You don’t want to appear uncool by theming your activities around something “old” (read: cool when we were children).  It should be used in conjunction with techniques of coming up with ideas, such as listening to your children.

Don’t forget the classics

Pirates, princesses, painting, etc, are all types of vague themes that are tried and true.  They have two key benefits;

  • Vague enough to be adapted to any setting and any budget.
  • Simple enough that everyone can get them quickly.

Let the seasons guide you

Seasonal events are a low hanging fruit when it comes to themes.  Easter egg hunts, Halloween parties, Christmas gifts etc can all make for really good activities.  What can make them truly great, however, is taking these established ideas and putting your twist on them.  How about a Halloween party where the children dress each other up?


You may be reading these ideas and wondering where you are going to find the time to figure these out.  That’s why many after school clubs use magicbooking, the online booking and management system.  Magicbooking has been designed from the ground up to save very large amounts of time and money.  It does this by automating tasks, streamlining processes and reducing the amount of admin work that you need to do.  With more time and money on your hands, suddenly those exciting theme ideas will be much more achievable.

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