July 2019: Feature in Focus – Ofsted Inspections

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July 2019: Feature in Focus – Ofsted Inspections

This month, we are looking at how magicbooking helps you pass your Ofsted inspections.  We’ve already shared some general tips for passing your inspections, produced in conjunction with Energy Kidz, which you can find here.  We wanted to go more in-depth about how magicbooking makes the process run more smoothly.  As we’ve discussed before, magicbooking is a paperless, cloud-based system.  When it comes to Ofsted inspections, this has an additional benefit which is easy information access.

During an inspection, you may be asked to show bits of documentation to prove that you are recording information correctly.  Magicbooking contributes greatly to this part of the inspection by making access to these documents quick and easy.  From the back-end, you can immediately access registers, incident reports, staff levels and more just by using the search tool on. This can include a specific date, child, parent, activity or payment type, all available at the click of a button.  So, if you need the register from day X, you can simply search that date to find the relevant register.

Accurate Information

The documents will be correct because many of these documents are automatically generated whenever certain events happen.  Take signing a child out of an activity for example.  You can show the exact minute that those children were checked out because this information is automatically recorded on the register.

Being able to generate instant accurate information on each individual child within a club or school setting is a feature that many magicbooking clients report to have impressed Ofsted inspectors.  Magicbooking gives you accurate information on how many children are in your care, as well as where they are and who they’re with.  This type of information is very useful for enforcing a high-quality safeguarding regime, as well as showing how exactly you go about that.

In addition to making information available, magicbooking’s ability to store documents is a big plus for Ofsted inspections.  Registers and incident reports must be kept together until the child in question is 21, under the Limitation Act 1980.  We discussed this in our best practice blogpost about registers, available here.  Your documents are backed up and safely stored with government-level encryption on Microsoft Azure Cloud.  Even if you end your subscription, these will be available for as long as you need.


As we have discussed many times previously, using magicbooking saves your school or club time and money.  Both things are very important for your Ofsted ratings because they let you focus your time and money into improving your service.  Magicbooking users often report savings in these areas.  For example, the number of hours spent on administration work being reduced by ~60%.  You can focus on new activities and delivering a higher quality of care with more time and money available.  Your Ofsted ratings should go up because of improvements in these areas, as well as the accurate, easily accessed paperwork that magicbooking provides.

To see how magicbooking can make your Ofsted inspections easy, book a demo using the tool below: