Fixes and Changes: Infrastructure Improvements

fixes and changes to the magicbooking infastructure

Fixes and Changes: Infrastructure Improvements

Magicbooking has been experiencing some unprecedented growth in the last few months, and this has caused a few teething problems.  We are happy to announce that we are well under-way towards sorting these out. Here is a bit of information about what changes are coming and how they will improve magicbooking.

We had to make magicbooking unavailable for a few hours recently to begin this process.  This allowed us to edit the database that underlies the system.  It is now possible for a child to be registered at multiple schools or clubs.  This was necessary since, for example, some of our wraparound care providers operate in schools that are now also magicbooking clients.  As a consequence, a child’s account was becoming confused at being registered in two places at once.  Registering an account at multiple schools or clubs is now more powerful and allows the parents to have segregated consents or additional contacts, for instance.

This has now been fixed, and we are in the process of fine-tuning the implementation.  The system will not be unavailable in the future to fix this issue because the most difficult work is complete.

What comes next?

This has served as the foundation for a new set of deep fixes we are implementing in conjunction with Microsoft.  We are upgrading the processing infrastructure that runs the system.  These new fixes will allow us to dramatically speed up the load times of magicbooking, and alleviate the system stress caused by so many new clubs and schools joining us. Smaller clubs may not notice much difference but this will alleviate the load times for larger clubs and schools.  In addition, this will prevent the system from slowing down again as more small clubs join.  Don’t worry, you don’t need to do anything, these updates will be applied automatically thanks to our cloud-based design (which you can read more about here).

If we have to take the system down again we will communicate this in due course. 

Then, we will then be able to implement our new Parents Interface, which has been in development this year.  We are very excited by the new interface, and will, of course, be letting you know more about it soon.  A beta version will be available for parents to get used to the new design, which will be significantly more user-friendly. 

These changes should all be implemented by the start of September 2019.  As a consequence, there should be a large increase in system speed, as well as making life easier for parents. 

If any magicbooking users have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact the help desk.

The MagiTeam

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