Fixes and Changes: The Magicbooking Helpdesk

changes to the magicbooking helpdesk

Fixes and Changes: The Magicbooking Helpdesk

Hello everyone, as part of our commitment to the highest possible standards, we’re announcing a few changes to the helpdesk.  Some of these changes have already been implemented and some are coming soon, because of some very much appreciated feedback from some of our clients.  We are also wondering if you could take part in a short survey, asking your thoughts on the helpdesk.  There is a link to do so at the bottom of the page.


Ticket Changes

The first big change that we have implemented is we are now structuring some of our responses to your support tickets. The structure works as follows:


  1. The issue as we understand it: We will describe in our responses what we think your problem is, as well as we can.  If the solution we provide for your issue doesn’t seem to make sense, this is the first thing to check.  If we have misunderstood your issue then you will need to describe it again and together we can get to the bottom of the issue properly. We expect this should help smooth over any misunderstandings and make sure your queries are answered correctly.
  2. What we have done: We’ll let you know what we have done to fix the issue on our end, and on what scale this issue happened within your organisation.  This will let you know if your issue affected all of your parents or just a handful.
  3. How to resolve this: We will then tell you what next steps we think you need to take to resolve the issue on your end, beyond what we have done on ours.
  4. Next Steps: We will advise you, where possible if there is anything more you can do to prevent this issue from happening again.

 This structure will be used for more complicated queries and issues.  For simple issues, we will give you an abridged version of this.

Building a Relationship

We believe that we can solve issues more effectively if there is a strong working relationship between you and ourselves.  To build that, we are now going to be signing all of our responses on the helpdesk.  We want to peel back the curtain somewhat and we hope that now you will know who is helping you.  Feel free to address your ticket to your preferred person, as they will know what works best for you.  We hope that building these relationships will result in faster and more effective responses. Please bear in mind that it might not always be possible to have your preferred person help. We will let you know if this happens but whoever helps you will be working closely with your preferred person.



Finally, we are in the process of implementing a chatbot on the back end, within the help section.  We are programming the chatbot to understand basic errors, small problems and to suggest tried and trusted fixes.  We don’t expect that this will be able to fix most errors, but it will be capable of fixing small problems.  The chatbot will be available 24/7, and we will be adding easy fixes to it constantly.  You can get help from the chatbot even when the helpdesk is closed. As well as this, it should free up time for our helpdesk staff so that they can spend more time on your queries.  More time for the helpdesk means faster, longer and better responses for your problems.

These changes are part of our commitment to constantly improve how we operate. Those improvements are only possible if we have a strong two-way conversation between ourselves and you, our clients. To build that conversation, we have created a survey for you to fill out with questions around what we can do to support you. You can access that survey here.




The magicteam; Carine, Baron, Joana & Connor.


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