Magicbooking Testimonials: YMCA St Paul’s Group

Magicbooking Blog: YMCA Groupd St Paul's Testimonial

Magicbooking Testimonials: YMCA St Paul’s Group

One of the strongest relationships that we have built has been with our friends at the YMCA. We work with several YMCA groups throughout the United Kingdom and are proud to support the great work they do. Those groups include YMCA St Paul’s Group (SPG), which covers much of London. Taquira Wilson works at SPG, and we asked her about her experiences with magicbooking:

Could you tell us a bit about your organisation?

YMCA St Paul’s Group (SPG) is a charity and registered housing provider whose mission is to be an inclusive Christian Association transforming communities so that all young people can belong, contribute and thrive.  As a member of the wider YMCA Federation, our vision is of places where young people thrive and communities flourish.

How has magicbooking benefited your organisation?

We currently run magicbooking in our Family and Childcare department for over 600 parents. We provide breakfast, afterschool, classes and activities. Prior to magicbooking, we used 2 different software programs, which proved difficult when working in conjunction with our finance team. Now we are using magicbooking across the board, it has benefitted us greatly. We are able to run reports coherently and compare numbers across our East and South sites.

How have your parents taken to the new system?

The implementation of magicbooking was difficult for parents to grasp initially, but once we were set up and running and they received the friendly user guide, the majority of parents complimented on its efficiency and ease. It has been highlighted on numerous occasions by parents that the access to view their childcare fees and invoices is what makes the system so efficient and user-friendly.

What advantages does the magicbooking system give to your staff?

Magicbooking allows our staff to take more control over their groups and provides easy access to parent and child information. With it being accessible on all forms of devices, our staff are able to access details regardless of whether they are on or off site.

How would you rate the support magicbooking has given your business?

Magicbooking has provided great support for our business. We are able to run reports with ease in the click of a button which has eliminated the manual way we used to operate. Technically, any issues have been resolved in an efficient and timely manner and the system as a whole has widened our scope in being able to contact parents collectively as well as monitor our numbers more closely.

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