A Complete Introduction to Magicbooking

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A Complete Introduction to Magicbooking


Meet Hazel, the school or club administration assistant:

Hazel has limited time in the day to get to the tasks she knows needs to be done. With an endless in-tray of paperwork, telephone, calls, emails, parent and internal inquiries. It is hard for Hazel to keep track of who has paid, who owes money and to keep on top of her organization’s finances. Yet things could be so different. With a little bit of automation, magicbooking can take all this away.

Imagine a world where parents could book and pay for sessions online, based on live availability. A world where registers would automatically be updated and available online. A world where sending emails or SMS campaigns to parents would be as easy as a click of a mouse. A world where parents could have full control of their account and access invoices and statements online, 24/7. Imagine a world where you could manage all your services from one single system and monitor it all from an intuitive dashboard.

This is all reality with magicbooking. For parents, booking your services works like a breeze. They can book and pay twenty-four hours a day based on real-time availability avoiding any overbooking. Online payments are automatically reconciled against their account and they can even set up automated instalments whilst childcare voucher payments can easily be tracked. Upon booking their invoice, along with their booking confirmation are automatically generated and sent. Your online register is also updated based on bookings and cancellations and flags any healthcare plans or dietary requirements.

Hosted in the cloud, magicbooking offers complete freedom without technical nuisance. Admin can easily access vital data while parents can maintain their account details or access upcoming payments, booking details and dates booked in the calendar view, from any device or operating system. If, like Hazel, you would like to improve efficiency and save time and money, join magicbooking.

Whether you are a school business manager a multi-club owner or a solo entrepreneur, magicbooking is a solution to streamline your day-to-day admin. Our easy integration and onboarding process helps you get started with magicbooking, while our support team will assist you whenever you need help.

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