Magicbooking: Feature in Focus – Cloud-Based Design

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Magicbooking: Feature in Focus – Cloud-Based Design

You may be familiar with cloud-based technology or may have heard of it before. ‘The cloud’ is a term for the group of servers where we store and process magicbooking. The cloud that we use is Microsoft Azure Cloud.  With dozens of processing centres around the world, the Azure Cloud servers are backed up, hyper-encrypted and easily accessible. This lets us move the data behind magicbooking to anywhere in the world to comply with local regulations, which we discussed here. So, what does this mean for you and your organisation? 

A few things; 

  • Your information is safe and secure, with multiple back-ups and government level encryption. 
  • Your information is accessible on any internet capable device. 
  • Magicbooking is stored locally to you, which keeps load times low. 

Magicbooking doesn’t need any installation, you don’t need an application or to worry about updates. Our development team are constantly upgrading the system, catching bugs, making things easier to use and implementing improvements. The development team simply make the changes live and that’s it, up and running, easy. We will regularly let you know what changes are coming and when, like we did here. You can access the system on anything, so long as you have internet access, without the need for an app. 

Cloud-based design contains the added benefit of providing the ability to easily reduce your carbon footprint. We will investigate this further in future articles from our monthly Feature in Focus, however, the two main methods a cloud-based design uses to reduce carbon footprint are as follows.

  1. Azure Cloud has been carbon neutral since 2014 and is moving to 100% renewable energy. You can read more on Microsoft’s commitment to going renewable here.
  2. Carbon footprint reduction is also achieved is by using our cloud-based system since magicbooking enables your organisation to go paperless. Going paperless uses even less energy than using recycled paper, dramatically reducing waste, storage, printing and disposal costs. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the printer breaking if you don’t need to use it in the first place! 

If you don’t use magicbooking, and want to see how cloud-based design can help you, book a free, no obligation demo. You can do so here, it only takes 30 – 45 minutes, we just want to show you what magicbooking can do.  

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