Schools and Academies Show 2019: Ofsted Inspection Framework

Schools and Academies Show 2019: The Ofsted Education Inspection Framework Blog Image

Schools and Academies Show 2019: Ofsted Inspection Framework

This is the first of several write-ups we are doing on talks that we attended at the Schools and Academies Show 2019. We know many of you couldn’t make it down or were too busy to get into every talk. We thought there was some pretty useful information discussed which may be of interest to you.

The education inspection framework talk by Ofsted was convened by Matthew Purves, Deputy Director for Schools and Neil Redmond-King, Principal Officer for Schools. One of the key things they wanted to stress was the importance of their latest consultation with childcare providers from all areas, which closed on the 5th of April. They said that the new ideas coming to their inspections are still subject to change after the analysis of that consultation. That analysis should be completed within the next few weeks in time for the framework to come into force for the new school year in September. You can read the draft new framework in full here as well as a pretty good breakdown here (although be aware that this is a story in the press and shouldn’t be used as a definite guide).

The second thing they sought to highlight was that the aim of the new guidelines is to focus on the substance of education; how education is delivered, what is taught and how. This involves a shift from simply looking at statistics such as exam results in isolation and instead considering their context. To achieve this, Ofsted is seeking to put a great deal of attention on the curriculum in education organisations. They want to strike a balance between a curriculum measurement criteria that is too weak and one that is too strong. This does not involve any kind of ‘Ofsted Curriculum’ since a range of approaches will be accepted. Instead, Ofsted will be looking to see that curriculums conform with the various models set out in their handbooks and research.

A few of the people present that we talked to said they were glad there were no big surprises in the talk or anything to send them all scrambling, it was all fairly consistent to what they had heard announced over the past few months.

For news when the consultation results come out, as well as the research backing the decisions and more information, you can go here.

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