Magicbooking Feature in Focus: Document Generation

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Magicbooking Feature in Focus: Document Generation

One of the key aspects of magicbooking is, of course, our automatic document generation.  The document generation automates the tasks of making documents such as: 

·        A booking confirmation sent by email
·        An invoice, available from the parent account and the back-end
·        The electronic attendance register – automatically populated
·        The parent statement – automatically updated
·        A payment plan (where necessary)
·        Reminders for upcoming card payments

The term ‘automation’ may be a scary one, and it has been in the news a lot, but fear not, the document generator isn’t seeking to replace you. Its job is to take over the less important tasks, freeing up your time to spend on more beneficial tasks.  It’s actually very simple; when a document needs to be generated, there is a template within the system, and the relevant information is copied and pasted into the correct fields.  The whole process takes seconds, simply click the generate button and it’s done. What’s more, the system will also generate documents and send them automatically, such as with confirmations. When a parent books a child onto an event and confirms, the system will generate a booking confirmation and send it automatically.  That way there is no leg-work for you, and the parent has the information about their booking in their emails and account, where it is most useful.  Think of it like dominoes, instead of going along and knocking over each domino one by one, you just need to knock down the first one, and physics does the rest.

An additional benefit of this is that it reduces the amount of potential room for error.  We’re sure you have had an instance where a child has started, first day with your organisation and their name has a different spelling written down to how they actually spell it. (AN: This used to happen to me all the time, it seems there are more spellings of ‘Connor’ than there are actual Connors!) Well that’s no problem, the staff member makes a note and then you, the admin staff, make an update to your information management system.  But what if your payment system isn’t integrated with your information management system? That leaves room for error; it would be very embarrassing if the parent made a booking, then, when you are filling out the invoice you see the child’s name and see the wrong spelling.  Then you, not remembering that 6 months ago you corrected that spelling, simply write what’s displayed down because it’s 16:37 on Friday and you want to go home. Next thing you know, it’s Monday morning and you have a grumpy parent asking why you can’t spell their childs’ name right!

Little mistakes like this can’t happen with magicbooking.  With magicbooking, once you update the correct name on your information management system, that carries through to everything else.  So, when you generate invoices, confirmations, or whatever, the correct information is presented, and you only have to change one thing once to correct any mistakes.  Easy peasy!

If your school or club doesn’t already use magicbooking, and you’re interested by the ability to automate generating documents, why not book a demo to see that in action? You can do so here, it’s free and comes with no obligations, we just want to show you what magicbooking can do for you.

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