Magicbooking Announcement: Q1 Improvements

Magicbooking Announcement: Q1 Improvements Blog Image

Magicbooking Announcement: Q1 Improvements

We’ve been busy bees implementing important improvements we announced in Q1 (and a few extras). These are all coming to the platform this weekend!

So first up, improvements we announced at the start of Q1:

Additional Account Holder
A very popular demand! Parents can now add additional users to their account, so two users can log into the account with their own credentials to make bookings, access children details or pay online. The additional account holder is linked to one or more children in the family, so this comes super handy for blended families who only need to share one access for one of their children. 

Global Check In/Check Out
Another frequently requested feature. Now you can easily check in and check out an entire group of kids with a single click. This means if all your children have gone to their first class then you can enjoy your second morning coffee rather than clicking out 30 children one by one. More information on this is available in the user guide here

Improved Audit
A fully revamped audit! It can prove really useful to track the chronology of events for a booking or check who made important changes. We have to admit, our earlier audit trail was not easily deciphered. So we have improved the level of tracking so, for example, you can go onto a child’s account and see all changes that have been made by both parents and administrators. We’ve also cleaned up the user interface a fair bit to make it easier to work with. 

​But that’s not all we’ve changed,
 here’s a few things that we modified without telling you first:

Enabling parents to cancel a booking 
We’ve moved the ‘Allow parents to cancel’ button from the schedule to the activity details.

Multiple Consents
We’ve edited the consent system to explicitly ask parents to give consent not just for their child to be featured in photos, but also in videos and whether or not those photos or videos can be used on your social media and on your website. The camera icon will now be displayed if any of these consents are not granted. 

Promo Code
We’ve renamed ‘Vouchers’, ‘Voucher Codes’ and ‘Promotions’ all to just being ‘Promo Code’ since it was a bit confusing having several names for the same thing.

Rogue Semi-Colon
We’ve successfully managed to track, sedate and move a semi-colon, that had gotten loose, back into the code. We’ve named him Franck and he’s integrating well with all the other bits of code (but he sometimes needs extra treats when he gets nervous).

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