The Benefits of a System

Benefits of a booking systems…

There are huge benefits to offering an online booking system for providers, schools and parents.

The providers and schools benefit from having up to date information regarding attendees of their clubs, including any medical, dietary or additional needs they may have. The system allows total control and clarity of the finance and bookings through its in-depth reporting feature.

magicbooking allows its users to set various permissions to suit their school or business, including:

  • Booking deadlines
  • Cancellations
  • Credits and refunds
  • Booking duration (full year/one term etc.)

All rules are set to your preference to conform to your business needs.


Parents have the benefits of being able to login, check availability and book based on your permissions and rules. This means 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without the need to call or email you!


magicbooking’s system also free up time for administrators and school/business managers to focus on other areas of their facility. This is achieved by our system automating multiple time-consuming tasks such as, registering parents’ details, processing bookings, updating registers and taking payments.


In today’s world, more and more people want self service systems where they can transact independently, evidenced by the rise of self-checkouts in supermarkets. So book a demo today and discover the benefits of enabling parents to manage their own booking whilst also freeing up valuable time for you.

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