Chill Out of School Clubs – A process of automation

Chill Out of School provide action packed wraparound care for multiple schools within the London area. With an emphasis on fun and play outside of the classroom and a desire for simplified admin, Chill Out of School clubs begun using magicbooking back in 2016. Company director, Annette Light, has since given her take on the host of benefits that magicbooking can offer.


What was work like before you started using magicbooking?

“Life before magicbooking was what some may call chaotic, with lots of paperwork and an old-fashioned system for invoicing and booking. We used to produce 200 invoices on a monthly basis, now the booking is input once (for the whole school year) and it is booked, invoiced and a payment plan generated in one go.”


How has magicbooking aided the club operations?

“The live registers are particularly beneficial, removing human error and endless hours of admin and paperwork.”

 “Since the introduction of GDPR, magicbooking has helped us with our data protection and data storage. We now operate a paperless system, where all our information is ready at the touch of a button – proving most beneficial at our last Ofsted inspection where all records and information were instantly available when requested.”

“Medical and dietary needs of any child can now be viewed by staff at any given time. It also uploads any accidents and incidents forms directly to the child’s records. The feature of being able to email parents with these forms was also recognised by the Ofsted inspector.”

“Parents are able to access their account 24/7, where they can view their bookings, payment plans and book their holiday club sessions. They can also make last minute bookings which are then added to the live register.”

“The communications tool allows us to contact parents directly by email, also giving us the option to broadcast to all parents or a select group using filters. That way, the relevant information goes to the relevant people.”


Has magicbooking benefitted you personally?

magicbooking has been fantastic at supporting me across the setup process, when I’ve needed help the ticket system has been especially helpful, as you receive a written response which you can refer back to if needed.”

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