Feature in Focus – SMS & Communication Tool

Feature in Focus – SMS & Communication Tool

Communication is essential for any business, however when the business cares for children, communication becomes crucially important. Whether you need to send an SMS with a voucher code to boost bookings or distribute key information for your facility via instant email communication, magicbooking comes fully equipped with a Communication Tool which can help build long-standing relationships with you and your customers.

Email Communication Tool

Email communication has become a highly effective way of building loyalty and trust in a school or business. When customers feel good about associating with a company from their strong communications, they are more inclined to provide referrals, recommendations and talk about their positive experiences with others. Our partners find that the communication tool is an invaluable feature of our service as we deliver a reliable communication platform that all customers can trust.

The feature has the capacity to deliver a range of messages from aesthetically pleasing content delivering eye catching marketing material or be as simple as writing a straightforward email with an important message. The tool allows you to set up template emails which can be stored on the system and saved for future mailings. All emails have the capability to be sent on behalf of another email account. Many of our partners select to use their main enquiry account e.g ‘info@magicbooking.co.uk’ so that they can provide efficient customer service by replying to any queries. Messages can be sent to the whole customer database or just a proportion. For example, messages can be sent to parents who have booked for a service between two specific dates, or to parents who are registered with a specific centre.

Through segmenting your emails, customers will be able to trust that your communication is relevant to them and encourage them to actively engage in your content. More often than not, our partners with multiple centres set up several templates to target specific customers. This is made possible as the communication tool works in combination with customer accounts and can automatically select the required email contacts of your target audience. Emails can be sent instantly or scheduled for a specific time and date of your choice.

The system also excels in a hot topic that is currently in the public eye – GDPR. The communication tool is designed to fully comply with the rules and regulations of GDPR. When registering, customers are prompted with a mandatory opt in or out button for email communication. If a customer selects ‘NO’ they are immediately filtered out of any mailings that you wish to send. GDPR guidelines refer to the delivery of promotional content and with this opt out field customers will not receive any email communication you send out at all. You may be wondering – what if I need to send out an urgent non-marketing message such as a late club closure…

There’s no need to worry! Our feature allows you to override this when you need to send out non-marketing essential communication. Examples of this may be, a late change of club location or a club cancellation due to snow or a power cut.  All you need to do is click the check box (below) to confirm that your message is not a marketing communication, and this will override customers who have opted out of email communication and push the emails through to their inbox. This is also applicable to the SMS Communication Tool feature.

SMS Communication Tool

SMS communication has grown significantly in popularity in recent years as the importance of mobile phones have seen a meteoric rise. We can do anything and everything with our phones now; people are listening to music, browsing social media, watching videos and even recording TV programs or starting their cars! According to our stats, our SMS tool has a 98% open rate, which makes the mobile phone market a very powerful tool for distributing important information.

Some of our partners have used this to boost their bookings with instant flash sales which has been found to be extremely effective and has often surpassed lengthy marketing campaigns over multiple platforms with its results. Further to this, many of our customers use this tool to deliver important or urgent information regarding an upcoming session. For example, school closure updates, road closures, or even reminding parents not to forget their child’s PE kit! Again, this can be done with just a few clicks and your whole database can be informed either on a specific date, at a specific time or, instantaneously. The SMS feature also maintains the ability to refine your target customers so that the relevant messages can be sent to the required audience.


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