Feature in Focus – Allergies & Medication 

Feature in Focus – Allergies & Medication 

Our ‘Feature in Focus’ this month investigates the role of our Allergies & Medication feature which has attracted many schools and clubs to our online service and helped meet many essential safeguarding requirements.  

This feature allows parents to provide a fully detailed health care plan for their child/children and ensure schools and clubs are aware of any existing particular conditions or needs.  

As parents have total control of their account, they are able to list any relevant information  that staff need to look out for.  

This includes: 

    • Medical condition 
    • Medication, along with instructuctions about dosage, administration method and whether the child requires assistance to take their medicine 
    • Dietary needs and Allergies, along with foods to avoid, symptoms, initial action in case of allergic reaction and medication  

The information can be amended at any time by parents, with any further individual update emailed to the club or the school to ensure providers prepare the best environment possible for each child.  

Our Allergies & Medication feature has been designed to improve safeguarding and reduce admin burden; magicbooking automatically flags any needs or important information with a specific icon under the child’s name on the daily register making it easy for staff to identify needs. In addition, our totally paperless platform, allows providers to allocate more time to focus their attention on the children rather than rummaging through bundles of allergy forms and medication sheets! 

 This feature has also been widely accepted by inspection bodies, with clients recieving high praise for using such an efficient system.  The fact that all information is kept in a reliable, paperless system means that it is always readily available to staff and Ofsted inspectors. There are no misplaced forms, large filing systems and as the system is password protected, data protection is always upheld.  

Medication & Allergies is always an integral part of any Ofsted, Estyn or ETI inspections and many of our clients have found this feature extremely useful and productive in delivering the information quickly and putting in place plans to ensure all children are cared for and each individual’s needs are met. 





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