Energy Kidz, a story of success

Energy Kidz is a leading provider of wraparound childcare for children aged 4-11. Passionate about delivering a high quality, reliable service to families and schools, the childcare company have been long term partners of magicbooking and have attributed part of their success to the implementation of our platform.

‘We feel our service has developed significantly since the introduction of this booking system by freeing us from endless paperwork and therefore allowing us to focus on providing the best care for the children, safe in the knowledge that we always have the most up to date information from the parents.’ Andrew Norton, Director of Energy Kidz.

Energy Kidz have not looked back since moving to magicbooking and we caught up with Tina Frenett, Head of Energy Kidz, who highlighted the following key features of our platform which have made a significant impact on their success:

How has magicbooking benefited your wraparound childcare business?

Energy Kidz started using magicbooking back in 2016. At that point, we had 33 school sites and six members of the Customer Care team. Since then the business has grown and we now have over 100 sites and the Customer Care team has two members of staff. Moving to the new system has given us the ability to redeploy these staff to other areas of the business.

How have your parents taken to the new system?

We have found that there have been many benefits for our parents. Once they’ve registered for one of our clubs through the online system, they then have complete control of their account. They can make their own bookings and they can pay immediately online or alternatively, if they have booked for a long period of time, they can setup installment plans to manage these payments. Further advantages include the ability to use various types of payment methods including childcare vouchers and tax-free childcare. They can also instantly update their child details at any time and they can also see live availability for their required clubs online.

What advantages does the magicbooking system give to your staff?

Our staff in the clubs have seen great improvements from using magicbooking. The instant updates and the live registers are very beneficial to them. Parents often update their information daily, for example their child collectors list, and this is automatically updated with the new information available to the staff. The live registers tell them exactly which children are coming each day and they can even record injury and incident forms which then get logged against the child’s name which is hugely advantageous for Ofsted purposes. On the whole, having a paperless system reduces staff admin time which gives them more time to work with the children.

How would you rate the support magicbooking has given your business?

Since working with magicbooking they have constantly updated and improved the systems and are always open to suggestions. Overall, magicbooking has helped with the scaling of our business and whilst we have grown, our admin tasks and our costs have reduced.

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