Aligning business processes to modern lifestyles

Life in the modern world is growing ever busier and demanding and the time that we have to carry out everyday activities is inevitably becoming shorter. The list of things to do continues to grow as does our need for quick, user-friendly systems to make our lives easier.

Juggling children, pets, work, school and daily activities is a task in itself and often things can be forgotten or left entirely until the last minute. As a parent, especially for those that work, time is precious and tasks such as booking their child onto After School Club can often be the last thing on the list late in the evening. However, an office or school reception will not be open at this time, nor will they be open early enough in the morning for the parent to give them a call before work to make the booking. magicbooking however, is an online system that operates 24/7 – just like life.

Using magicbooking as an online booking system means that parents are free to make their bookings as and when they need them – whether that’s for the last-minute bookers or for those parents who like to plan ahead and book term by term. Magicbooking is available across all devices (tablets, smartphones and PCs /laptops) which gives parents even greater flexibility and choice when making their bookings. They are able to log into their account whenever they have a free moment whether that’s on the go or at home, rather than worrying about whether an office may be open and available to take a call.

Magicbooking is an automated system and instils confidence in parents knowing that their booking has been made successfully. Parents are able to visually see the booking/bookings they have made and also receive a confirmation email allowing them to continue with their day to day activities with peace of mind. This confidence that magicbooking provides takes away the stress and worry that falls on parents when organising their childcare and leaves them to focus on the other important tasks in their lives.

Not only does a 24/7 booking system provide parents with flexibility, it also provides the childcare supplier with a greater chance of increasing profits. If your business was not accessible all of the time, parents would otherwise be restricted to a 9am-5pm window to make their bookings with a customer care team. Once the team have left for the day, no more bookings can be taken until phone lines re-open the next morning. However, giving parents access 24/7 to make a booking, means business doesn’t stop after the customer care team have clocked off for the day.

For a business who wishes to grow, innovate and improve, implementing a 24/7 online booking system is definitely a step in the right direction. Magicbooking provides many advantages for suppliers and more importantly for your customers, who in turn, are those stakeholders who need to be benefitting the most from your company.

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